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Drinkable with a very pleasant taste

Water quality tests (from Nevra spring) were made on several occasions from 2003-2018 by Department of Public Health- Federation, Department of Public Health, Travnik, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS from Germany, Bio Institute Čakovec Croatia, Department of Public Health Beograd, and Holistic International Testing Service from Dubai, UAE.

Bacteriological water quality analysis was made according to the Natural Mineral water Regulations.

At the same time the analysis shows no isolated bacteria or germs which indicates a good natural environment/surrounding at the spring location.
-Water quality is confirmed by a complete physico-chemical, radiological and bacteriological analysis.


According to physico-chemical parameters the the spring water is:
- drinkable and has a very pleasant taste
- the spring temperature is 6 C
- PH value is 8,3 which means that Nevra water is alkaline water
- mineralization is 208 mg / l
- total hardness is 124 mg CaCO3 / l
- Nevra water has very low Sodium, < 1


Nevra- the natural spring water comes from preserved nature

that is hydrologically protected from any contamination

at 1200m altitude with constant temperature of 6 ºC.


Does not retain salt in your body. Good for low-sodium diet

pH 8,3

Alkaline water can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream and help your body metabolize nutrients more effectively, leading to better health and performance.

Low mineralization

Protects your heart and your kidneys. Also appropriate for people in sport, and children.

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